Using A Recruiting Agent For Organ Transplant VS In House HR Manager

Many hospitals and OPOs are happy to seek out new talent through traditional means, utilizing advertisements across multiple job platforms and sifting through endless resumes otherwise known as direct hire. While this is all well and good for some, many transplant programs have turned to using transplant recruiting agencies to not only seek out quality talent but ensure that talent sticks around for the long haul. As such, recruiters can make a significant difference in your hiring strategy.

This Is Their Job

Hiring managers or team leads often lack the enthusiasm recruiting firms have in finding top talent. Whereas those from within the company would prefer to focus on their primary duties, finding the best man or woman for the job is the primary duty of the recruiter. Not only do they enjoy it, but they also seek out new ways to improve their skills and abilities, which only helps you in the long run.

Recruiting Agents are Independent

Given their role as outsiders, independent recruiters are able and willing to ask more direct and ask specific questions, such as about finances, and personal goals, to help discover the best candidates. Furthermore, candidates speaking with a recruiter tend to be more forthright with information, which can help weed out those unsuitable for specific roles.

Recruiting Agencies Find Candidates That You May Not Easily Find

Simply put, recruiters have the time and resources to find the best talent available, rather than the best of what’s available. The best person for your company is someone working at a competitor, nose down, and definitely not looking for new work. Independent recruiters will reach out to these individuals and discuss their options with them, which is something most hiring managers simply don’t have time to do.

Recruiting Firms Have a Broader Perspective

They may have been in the industry long enough to spot red flags that might be overlooked in traditional hiring methods, and have the resources available to dig deeper into a candidate’s qualifications and background.

Recruiting Agencies Are Cost-Effective

Recruiters are offering a service, and that service costs money. While some companies might balk at the notion of paying someone to do something you can do, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Turnover is expensive, and especially in organ transplant burnout is rampant, and hiring the wrong person can not only cost a company money, but it can also result in lost time, resources, morale, relationships, and opportunity. Recruiters focus on quality over quantity, and in the end, a small fee is mere peanuts when looking at the long-term benefits.

Independent Recruiters Have a Process

Finding the best possible candidate for your company is what recruiters do. As a result, they’re comfortable with the process of doing so. From spending the time to meet with the client and understand their needs to help the client resign from their previous job and begin the next step in their career, recruiters are there every step of the way.

Recruiters Offer Guarantees

Since companies pay recruiters to find the best-qualified candidates, the recruiter has an incentive to make sure everyone is pleased. Finding the right person for the job leads to repeat business, thus keeping both the recruiting agency and company happy and ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come. Should a candidate not work out, we have plans in place to make sure that the position is filled with the right person without charge.

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