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Import Organ Call Vendors

Pre-screening - Evaluating - Triage - Communications

For the better part of 8 years we worked as the sales & marketing consultant for the first, most experienced, and respected import organ screening service vendor provider in the US. 108+ Introductions to the company, summaries, bids, and, proposals. Thousands of hours in conversations with administrators, directors & surgeons, presentations, conference calls, research, and negotiations. Resulting in 20+ very happy & loyal clients. We supported clients from all over the United States from California, Florida and the Northeast. THERE ARE OVER SIX VENDORS OF DONORNET ORGAN SCREENING IN THE UNITED STATES NOW. Where to begin? Who is the best? That is a lot of work & time gathering details, information, credentials, references, meetings, and contract negotiations.

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How We Work

We perform the duties of RFP so you can focus on patients
  • We know and/or verify each vendors abilities & experience.
  • We validate their credentials, clients - past & present
  • Check references
  • Cost Analysis
  • Price & Service Negotiations
  • Compare & match their services & knowhow with what your transplant facility needs.
  • Make determination of which providers are the best fit.

Not all these vendor service providers are equal. Some are larger with the capacity to handle large volume transplant centers while others are not.

Some of these companies only have staff that are most experienced with abdominal organs. It is crucial the coordinators who are taking call on your behalf also know how to use the different ERM programs & applications. That's why we are here, so you don't get overwhelmed collecting information, and trying decipher which company is the best for your program.

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If your transplant center or OPO is looking to fill vacant RN positions please reach out to us & we can help with the largest list of active RN coordinator job seekers.

& What you will get:

  • Qualified RN Transplant Nurse Coordinators
  • Certified: (CPTC) (CCTC) (CCTN) (CTP) Candidates
  • Vast list of transplant coordinators experienced in all organs: lungs, heart, kidney, liver, pancreas

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