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Transplant Recruiting takes pride in job placement services for organ transplant coordinators around the United States. Our staffing services help match job seekers with organ transplant experience to new opportunities. Be it; with a transplant center / program, OPO, and sometimes with contract vendor service providers. (Not Affiliated with TCOA Corp)

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Our Services

Organ Transplant Coordinator Recruiting Agency

Let us help fill those vacant positions within your organization or transplant program with highly qualified & vetted candidate hirees.

Why Chose Us

America's only recruiting agency devoted solely on placing experienced transplant RN coordinators with new career opportunities.

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Cost Effectiveness

  • We save time = time is money
  • We do validation & intial screening leg work
  • Offer negotiations

By allowing Transplant Recruiting to assist you in finding your next candidate(s), reaching out to them, vetting & validating their qualifications and certifications, and assisting with negotiating their salary saves time & money for your transplant program.

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Qualified Transplant Experienced Candidates Here

  • ABTC - American Board for Transplant Certification
  • CPTC - Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator
  • CCTC - Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator
  • CCTN - Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse
  • CTP - Certified Transplant Preservationist
  • CTBS - Certified Tissue Bank Specialist

To make sure your transplant program or OPO is running as smoothly as possible to ensure more saved lives through transplant we make sure our roster of job candidates has the proper certifications & experience you're looking for. Our goal to qualify and screen each job seeker/ hiree so you do not waste valuable time and resources.

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The Education You Require:

  • Registered Nurse (RNs)
  • BSN - Bachelor of Science Nursing
  • MSN - Master of Science Nursing
  • ASN - Associates of Science in Nursing
  • ADN - Associates of Degree in Nursing

The proper credentials and formal education requirements are crucial to a harmonious working environment in medicine. The organ transplant field in America is no exception, and at Transplant Coordinator Recruiting our mission is to see to it we offer the best potential hirees in the transplant world with the educational requirements you demand.

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Experience With All Organs

  • Cardio-thoracic
  • Abdominal
  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Liver
  • Kidney & Pancreas

If you're looking for candidates with specific experience with specific organs within transplant look no further. We get more qualified transplant coordinators using our services to find a new job opportunity. And - If you're searching for a new career or job placement within a specific organ program concentration we have the most candidate views and inquiries in the United States searching here on our site.


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Let's get in touch

Reach out to us by filling out an application if you're looking for new job opportunities, or view our current roster of candidates.

If your transplant center or OPO is looking to fill vacant RN positions please reach out to us & we can help with the largest list of active RN coordinator job seekers.

& What you will get:

  • Qualified RN Transplant Nurse Coordinators
  • Certified: (CPTC) (CCTC) (CCTN) (CTP) Candidates
  • Vast list of transplant coordinators experienced in all organs: lungs, heart, kidney, liver, pancreas

    Together We Will Make a Great Match

    Reach out to us here and we will contact you to begin the job matching process