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Dedicated strictly to the organ transplant medical field, our team of transplant experienced recruiters will fill your vacant coordinator, nurses, practitioners, RN positions quickly, professionally, surgeons, physicians and cost-effectively. With plans to expand to offering candidates in all fields of transplant soon. Stay Tuned!

Organ Call Provider Screening

Helping You Decipher the best organ offer screening provider contract to choose.

Retained Search

Trust our retained search experts for your critically important hires.

Contingency Search

Quite simply, you don’t pay unless you hire a candidate we procure & provide.

Increase Productivity

By letting us handle your transplant coordinator recruiting/hiring you can focus on more important things.

Service You Will Appreciate

Medical staffing is a tricky business. Finding the right person with the proper experience, required education, and optimal demeanor that meshes with your existing team can be exhausting. Now throw in all the different job search sites, and due diligence necessary for organ transplant.

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Not only making employers in organ transplant lives easier, while also helping those who take care of patients and their families' lives easier at the same time. We are part of the organ transplant family here for you.

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If you're in the organ transplant field of medicine and you're ready for a new adventure we are here to help streamline the job search process. If you're new to transplant let us help you locate the right career path for you.