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At Transplant Recruiters if we work on a contingency search basis to find your next organ transplant coordinator or transplant program team member we only get paid when we find a candidate – you hire. As the name implies our pay is contingent upon you employing someone we – have in our database, discovered, procured and provided. Services performed by our company without compensation until the day a candidate represented by us and takes a position with our client. Since we offer the largest organ transplant employee database, exceptional client service, and the best online user experience letting us do your hiring will make it worth it. * It is our goal to always represent the best candidates in a timely fashion. Our system will prove to be the better alternative to standard or generic medical staffing agencies or job search websites as we strictly work within just organ transplants. Unlike Retained Search which is where you hire us specifically to do an exclusive comprehensive search for particular (usually high-level) positions.

Whether you’re a transplant hospital program or one of the 58 organ procurement organizations in the United States we have a vast list of interested candidates reaching out to us for potential opportunities all the time. Give us a call if you’re in need of some staffing help within your transplant center, medical device vendor, or OPO and we’ll get to work.

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If your transplant center or OPO is looking to fill vacant RN positions please reach out to us & we can help with the largest list of active RN coordinator job seekers.

& What you will get:

  • Qualified RN Transplant Nurse Coordinators
  • Certified: (CPTC) (CCTC) (CCTN) (CTP) Candidates
  • Vast list of transplant coordinators experienced in all organs: lungs, heart, kidney, liver, pancreas

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