Transplant Center & OPO Experience Coordinator Over 10 Yrs (10353)

I have over ten years of work experience in the transplant community, with time spent between both organ procurement organizations and the transplant centers. I have most recently been working as an organ transplant procurement coordinator whose main job function is to evaluate primary organ offers and arrange logistical support for organs accepted for transplant. (Not an RN)
Transplant Experience – Yes
Previous Experience Where – Transplant Center/ Hospital, OPO
Years Experience – 10 - 20 Years
Currently Working Where – At A Transplant Program, 7 years
Organs Most Familiar With – Hearts, Lungs, Kidneys, Livers, Pancreas
Certifications – NONE
Educations – Other
Willing to Move – Maybe (Depends On Factors)
Currently Residing –
Employment Type Seeking – Full Time - New Opportunity Change

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