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20 Yr Organ Recovery Experienced Candidate

Coordinator/Preservationist with 20 Yrs experience in organ recovery. Worked in the OR as Surgical Technologist procuring lungs. Train staff on procurement, team leader on tissue recovery, CPTC, CTP, ...

3 Yrs Experience in OPO setting as donor/procurement coordinator

3 Yrs Experience in OPO setting as donor/procurement coordinator seeking new opportunities in transplant medicine. Work experience includes OPOs in both Michigan and Ohio.

Organ Placement Coordinator RN, MSN, CCTC 20+ Yrs Experience

Responsible for coordinating the complex solid organ donor transplant (kidney, liver, heart, and lungs) from all Organ Procurement organizations (OPO) to our transplant center. Reviewed extensive dono...

OPO Experienced Coordinator Seeking New Opportunity

I am an energetic and positive energy. I believe the work I do in the field of organ donation and transplantation is extremely valuable and regenerative. I strive to be the greatest steward of the p...

RN Coordinator in Tennessee Looking For New Opportunity

Licensed Nurse with a degree in MSN, HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT. 5+ years experience organ transplant in the LA, California region. Has pediatric experience.

LPN – Donation Liaison W/ 3+ Years in Transplant

Offer the gift of a donation to families of patients that meet specific criteria for organ and/or tissue donation. Support families throughout the donation process. Perform thorough investigation thro...

BS Student with Interest in Organ Transplant Seeking Preservationist Position

Currently finishing her bachelor's in health sciences, was a CNA, prior to being a nurse technician since 2020. Classes completed in anatomy, pathophysiology, physiology, medical terminology, all cour...

Donation Experienced Coordinator with Masters in Healthcare Administration

Supervised an 8-member team and developed algorithms for organ allocation efficiency & perfusion optimization. Established & updated quality metrics to ensure patient safety, protocol reporting, and t...

Donation Coordinator with 14 Yrs Experience in OPOs

Donation specialist coordinator with 14+ years experience in the OPO side of organ transplant. Worked with three different OPOs throughout the United States. Well-versed with all major EMRs, UNOS prot...


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