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Job description

Fairview Health Services is looking for Donor Procurement Coordinator to work out of the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This position is approved for 80 hours every two weeks and is benefit eligible. This position will primarily be working in Deceased Donor Heart Acquisition department.

Responsibilities/Job Description:

Assumes 24/7 on-call coverage for Solid Organ Transplant deceased donor organ offers. Coordinates all activities related to the evaluation for suitability of organ offers for kidney, liver, pancreas deceased donor organ offers. Partners directly with attending surgeon on acceptance of organ offers, and interfaces with Organ Procurement Organizations and interdisciplinary team members to facilitate transplant for kidney, liver, pancreas recipients
  • Provides alternating on-call coverage for organ procurement coordination, facilitating deceased donor offer acceptance and required regulatory requirements for deceased donor organ transplantation
  • Serves as contact for all potential offers for transplant from local, regional and national organ procurement organizations and serves as resource for organ recovery and preservation
  • Collaborate with transplant physicians, surgeons, and multi-disciplinary team to provide after-hours waitlist management for patients waiting for heart, lung, kidney, liver, or pancreas transplantation.
  • Serves as liaison for patient throughout deceased donor transplant acceptance process, providing ongoing education about the transplant process and continuum of care and taking the primary role in communicating to patients about status on the list, rule outs, and acceptance or refusal criteria for transplantation.
  • Coordinates necessary diagnostic work up, follow up, and communication for evaluation of candidacy for transplant.
  • Provides patient, MD, community and professional nurse education.
  • Assures compliance with OPTN/UNOS requirements
  • Participates in clinical quality program PEAK meetings, by assisting in the development /revision of current protocols regarding transplantation and involvement in quality improvement projects
  • Keeps current on new developments in transplantation through reading, attending seminars and networking with other coordinators across the nation.
  • Obtains, analyses and reports pertinent data regarding potential donors and accepted organs for transplant and shares at organ specific PEAK meetings
  • Participates/collaborates with MD on U of MN School of Medicine, School of Nursing, research studies.
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • Degree or diploma from accredited nursing school, paramedic certificate with critical care experience, graduate of accredited (CoARC or JRCRTE) or degree in Human Donation Science
  • 3 years of nursing, paramedic, organ procurement coordinator or respiratory therapist experience
  • RN license, paramedic certificate, MN Board of Medical Practice as a respiratory therapist
  • Prior experience in organ procurement and/or transplantation
  • CPTC or ABTC transplant professional certification
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