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Steve Pitzer

President | CEO

Steve Pitzer comes to Transplant Coordinators of America with nearly 25 years of experience in the organ donation field. He got his start in the field in 1986 as an organ procurement coordinator in the U.S. Air Force. From there, Pitzer was employed with UNOS Organ Center as an organ placement coordinator. He moved to South Carolina in 1993 to take a position as an organ procurement coordinator with the South Carolina Organ Procurement Agency — now known as LifePoint. He was promoted to director of organ recovery in 1998 and as the company grew, he became the vice president of organ recovery.

James Schiller

VP Sales/Marketing

James Schiller has over 10+ years of marketing and sales experience after founding and managing a financial firm before joining TCOA in early 2010.
Phone: 843.473.8061

Robert Koppenaal

VP Operations

Certified Advanced Practice Coordinator 12 yrs OPO and/or Transplant Center

Gray Granger

Sr. Coordinator/Advisor

Gray Granger joined TCOA with more than 20 years of experience as a senior organ placement specialist and CPTC with UNOS. In this role, Granger provided assistance to organ procurement agencies and transplant centers by allocating organs, assisting with transportation and providing input on policy development. He has served as a faculty member at university-sponsored symposiums and other public-speaking venues.

Jessica Hutson


3+ yrs Organ Recovery Coordinator TN Previous: E.D, CCU & Level 1 trauma

Samuel Blanchette


3 yrs Organ Preservation Specialist 1 yr Tissue recovery coordinator 2 yrs w/ TCOA

Shanna Nimmons


Currently, Shanna is a dedicated transplant coordinator for our organization. Her background includes, 5 years of experience with an Organ Procurement Organization that included kidney perfusion and organ procurement coordination and 4 years working with physicians and their hospital owned practices to help coordinate and manage day to day operations.

Melanie Vold


Organ Placement Specialist II - UNOS 10 yrs Organ/Tissue Recovery - LifeNet 7 Yrs

Charity Hagemeier

RN Coordinator

Organ Procurement Manager 5+ yrs

Lauren Neal


Luann Mitcham


20 yrs CPTC, ABTC
32 yr RN

Roger Serigstad


5+ yrs Donor Allocation Coordinator

Melissa Smith


Toni Ashton


TCOA 3yrs 6+ yrs Nurse Clinician LIfepoint OPO ICU Surgical Nurse

Laura Anderson


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