International Organ Donation Coordinator (10774)

I’m a UK-trained registered nurse, currently working in ICU emergency response contract in the Caribbean. I have a strong background in ICU and as a Specialist Nurse with Organ Donation in London, UK. Looking to relocate to the USA. In the process of verifying my credentials so that I can sit my NCLEX. Interested in visa sponsorship opportunities within the organ procurement world. The UK role encompasses all facets of donation, family support, donor profile, & more.
Transplant Experience – Yes
Previous Experience Where – OPO
Years Experience – 1 - 3 Years
Currently Working Where – Other
Organs Most Familiar With – Hearts, Lungs, Kidneys, Livers, Pancreas, Intestines
Certifications – NONE
Educations – Other
Willing to Move – Yes
Currently Residing –
Employment Type Seeking – Full Time - New Opportunity Change