Offer Data Portal

As required by UNOS and CMS transplant centers are now required to keep detailed records of their center’s transplant performance and as such TCOA is committed to staying ahead of the curve. QAPI - Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Programs - As a TCOA client your center will get a securedemo screenshot.png client web “portal” to view real time graphs and charts as well as access to your centers analytical data pertaining to your organ offers and outcomes that we manage for you.

QAPI for transplant programs includes two processes: Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement; which incorporate the development of objective measures relating to transplant processes and patient outcomes; identifying acceptable benchmarks to measure quality; identifying gaps in performance with needed improvements/changes; providing assurance changes are effective, and the review of adverse events.

With no extra charge we will track all the incoming organ offers, physicians on the case, OPO data, outcomes by organ type, and more. As director and/or administrator all you have to do is login to view the graphs and charts with your center’s data. When UNOS and CMS want these records you just have to click a button to print. It’s that easy. Less work and administrative hassle resulting in less department overhead, saved time, and saved money.

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